15 Minute Smog Test and Repair

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15 Minute Smog Test and Repair
15 Minute Smog Test and Repair

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Fast Smog check

We value your time and we honor our business name. We will smog your car in 15 or less minutes.


Premium Quality Oil Change

We change your vehicle's oil and includes a quick vehicle inspection.


Auto Repair

Domestic and Imported cars, all brands

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15 Minute Smog Test and Repair


SMOG Certification required at a STAR station

Our smog test team is here to ensure that you have a great experience - and we will always get you in and out quickly ;)

A small video about Us

Because we care about you and your vehicle

We have put togheter this video to help you understand the BAR Smog Test Program, if you want more information or wish to schedule an appointment please call us!

SERVICE BEYOND OUR MOTTO: Our goal is to provide customer service that is not just The Best but very memorable to you.